NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - INCT of the Biomedicine of the Brazilian Semiarid
Annual Activity Report 2009

INCT - IBISAB National and International Events

In this reporting period, the INCT-IBISAB organized and fostered two international events:

(1) V International Symposium in Biomedicine

(2) XIV Tropical Medicine & International Collaborative Research Center, Infectious Diseases Research.

These events served as an opportunity for the encounter of different INCT-IBISAB research groups, well as the interaction of national and international guests, allowing information exchange and the eventual establishment of collaborative projects.

Opened by our host, Dr. Aldo A.M. Lima, the first session focused on enteric infections and malnutrition, with the first talk by Drs. Alexandre H. Binda and Ila F. N. Lima being on the high prevalence and genetic heterogeneity of E. coli pathotypes infecting young children in Northeast Brazil... Read more.

Research Seminars IBISAB - 2009
Date Lecture Lecturer Origin
01/Jun/2009 The functional neuroimaging and the Brain Machine Interface” Prof. Draulio Araújo Laboratório de NeuroImagem Funcional Departamento de Física e Matemática Universidade de São Paulo RP
30/Nov/2009 “Biomedical applications of nanostructured materials” Prof. Ricardo Bentes de Azevedo Coordenador do INCT de Nanobiotecnologia da UNB
19/Fev/2010 “Mucosal breach by the neonatal immune system in biliary atresia” Jorge A. Bezerra, MD William and Rebecca Balistreri Chair of Pediatric Hepatology, Professor of Pediatrics, Director, Digestive Health Center Director of Research, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
16/Dez/2009 “GIS Information System as a research tool” John Nuckols, PhD State Colorado University and FIC/NIH
20/Abr/2010 Lysozyme Transgenic Goat Milk:  antimicrobial activity and effects of consumption Elizabeth A. Maga, PhD Associate Research Biologist  Department of Animal Science University of California, Davis
30/Abr/2010 “Molecular epidemiology of gastrointestinal virus” José Paulo Gagliardi Leite, PhD Laboratório de Virologia Comparada e Ambiental Fundação Oswaldo Cruz - Ministério da Saúde

NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - INCT of the Biomedicine of the Brazilian Semiarid